Box1 (Running Web and FTP servers, as well as various shared network folders)
Windows 2000 (all current updates)
250 gig HDD 3 partitions
733 mhz CPU
384 mhz RAM

Box2 (Main system, requires access to the shared network folders on Box1)
Windows XP (all current updates)
20 gig HDD
1.05 ghz CPU
512 mhz RAM

Both systems connected through wired Belkin router.

Any time I an using Box2 to create a new folder, or rename a current file on the Network drive on Box1, I don't see the change unless I manually refresh the window. Is there anything I can do about this? The network files at my work refresh automatically as if they were on my own hard drive. How can I achieve this functionality on my home network shared files?



It could be something to do with the offline files synchronisation, or roaming profile folder exclusions. Are you getting this problem as a User or as a Administrator?


Thanks for your reply. The issue is outlined on MS's support website. At some point down the folder tree of a network drive, XP won't auto-refresh changes within a folder. You must either hit F5 or navigate out and then back into the folder to see the changes. I cannot find the actual page at this time, but it stated the work-around is to continually hit F5. It also stated that the issue would be solved with SP3.


Oh cool yeah I wish I knew that fix to be honest with you. It's weird at work some server's instantly refresh and some don't. Thanks can't wait for more updates as the time goes thanks for the head's up.