Windows Vista can't load my local profile what should i do?

My Laptop suddenly turn off because power supply is cut (in condition no battery. When I turn it on, it takes long time to load my profile, after I log on it is said that my profile can not be load and use temporary file.
I try to restore with restore point but it cant's. The other choice is to restore from DVD, but I scare that all my file will be gone because there is lots of important file in my laptop and I don't have hard disk external or lots of blank DVD to back up it.
And when I want to use programs, all program is like being reset and must do set up again.

Please... Is there any solution to make my laptop normal again?


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Hi uchan and welcome,

Sounds like your profile is corrupted which won't effect your data unless you kept it on your desktop if so this might be a little bit tricker.

When you have access with the temporary profile are you missing data? If so where was the data located you are missing?

the best would be to use system restore. You said it is failing - how do you try to run system restore and what exactly is the problem there?
You can always create a new profile and copy your data from the old one, its not perfect, but will get you running. your files will be in c:\users\"old profile name"

If you have lots of important data on your machine, BACK IT UP!!! What happens if your hard drive fails???

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