I have just noticed that after I shut down my PC i goes through the process of the normal shutdown and then the screen loses signal as normal but now the PC continues to run for about another 1 minute with the HD light flashing as if very busy. Then the PC will stop as normal.

I am running windows XP SP3 all fully updated. All running programs seem to end as it shuts down as they disappear from the task bar as they are closed.
I am running AVG 9. full updated, with Malwarebytes, spybot S&D, and Spywareblaster. There is noting of any significance found in scans by any of these. Just tracking cookies.

Is there something happening that I should know about or is this normal with a late windows update as I have not seen this happen before. Normally, the monitor will lose signal only a second or two before the machine stops running.

I have checked on all running programs in "Windows task Manager" before shutting down and I can see nothing wrong there.

Am I being paranoid, or is there a problem?

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It seem that the computer is trying to save something maybe a setting or some of the software you use regularly. Maybe you can try uninstall 1 one of the spyware software. I've never install 2 or more spyware or malware software. 1 of each should be good enough.


I did some more investigating and found a program that I assumed was loaded but not set to run [Iobit 360 security center] and after disabling this I am back to a quick shut down without the running after screen shutdown.

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