I'm sure a clean install of XP and everything will fix this, but I don't have the things I need to do that, so I have to find an alternative solution. Windows XP boots average speed, but right when I click on the profile I want to sign on to, the thing hangs at "loading personal settings..." or something along those lines, and takes a while to get to my desktop. By which point, the desktop takes a while to load, and it makes a sound like it's spinning my A:/ (floppy) drive, then it loads fully. Sorry for the poor description, I tried to give it step by step. I'm not on any network, it's just my home computer, and I've turned off the unnecessary programs in the msconfig startup tab, except for my antivirus programs and printer's components. My account is also not password protected, if that makes any difference. Thanks to anybody who can help.

Here's my general specs:

Windows XP Home 2002
80 GB HD, 50 GBs free space
Mostly updated drivers

is you anti viri program setup to scan on startup and also is it set to scan the floppy drive

My account is also not password protected, if that makes any difference.

Well it's probally not a good idea to not have your account password protected...that is your first mistake.

If you can't do a reistall than you are may want to try a few things...

::Get adaware from lavasoft to check for the odvious spyware/adaware.

::You may want to consider a firewall there are several to choose from.. when I was using windows I was pretty bias to Kerio

::Make SURE you have an the latest update to whatever anti-virus software you may be using.

Start-Run-Msconfig then select what you dont want to start up ;)

I've disabled various services and programs that I know I don't need through msconfig already, and that hasn't seemed to help. I also highly doubt it's anything virus related, as I update regularly and scan regularly. But I did notice in my system administration panel that the profile I'm logging on to says it's 2.7 GBs. I don't know much about how the profiles work, but that seems pretty damn big to me compared to the other two profiles on my computer. So possibly something with loading a big profile, or a corrupt profile? Does anybody know what I can do to solve that?