I have a computer that when in use it will occasionally disconnect Outlook from the Exchange server and display Disconnected in the lower right hand corner. The computer is part of a domain as well as the Exchange server. Both are in the same IP address network and I have ensured that the box for "Work Offline" is unchecked. This occurs on both Wireless and Ethernet Connections.

I have ran a little make shift CMD Batch file I have writen which is fairly simple and works. But sometimes it will still happen.

CMD Batch:
IPCONFIG > C:\IPA_repair\IPAddress_Before.txt
IPCONFIG > C:\IPA_repair\IPAddress_After.txt

As said, this is simple but works.

I'm wondering what keeps causing the issue.

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Well sorry about not getting back to this after a week but it seems like we were running short in our DHCP range and so we just expanded it and so far no problems yet. Hope it stays that way.


Good stuff. If you think that was the cause, you may mark this thread as solved please!


Our problem is when it disconnects for that split second if someone is in
the middle of created a new e-mail or sending and e-mail we have to close
outlook and reopen it for it to work.

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