I am having a problem with my hotmail. I have already contacted them and they suggested clearing my temp files and so on, but i still cannot get my junk mail to delete or empty. I can delete my inbox mail, just not junk mail, is anyone having this problem or know how to correct it??

Any help is appreciated,

Amy K

I can give you a gmail account. If you email me @ sphyenx@yahoo.com i will forward you an email account!. Hot mail isn't dependable. Google solves all problems.

Thanks for the offer, but i have had this account for 2 1/2 years and it's such a pain to get my contacts to use a new address.

Amy K

well junk mail shall empty its self over time. If not is there a box to check off messages?

If you tried that already then well wait a few days if the problem persist's. I had a hotmail for a long time to, then one day it stopped working.. What a bummer. I don't trust MSN.

There are checkboxes and i have tried that, it's just not responding.

microsoft prlly got hit with a worm, haha. lol. Naw, the msn database must be acting up. Just give it some time.

I had this problem as well shortly after they enlarged my account. It went away on it's own after several days.

I am having the same problem. When I attempt to empty or delete the contents of the junk mail folder, I get a popup that asks for an OK, so when I hit OK, nothing happens. Been like this since the extra space.
Empties automatically after 7 days, I think.
Strange thing is, it deletes ok when I use FireFox???? I use Opera normally.