Oh yes, I have checked everywhere for solution. Now very curious.
I got it to where it would boot and display without all the display corruption ( many thousand stripes like a tv on horrible horiz.hold problem.
Booted it 20 - 30 different times to test over & over. Worked until I packed it into the tote case, laid it aside a few days. Tried to boot again, back to square one. All the pretty colors and no actual way to view.
Heading back to use ext. monitor and run scan disk again, but going to try chkdsk /r also first ?

Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop, Windows ME OS., 512RAM, Had previously pulled and tested cable and inverter. But still had issue even after that. reseated mem. sticks.
etc. etc.
Now simply totally confused. It worked and worked, but unplugging, laying aside (untouched/ bumped / etc.) now it's acting up again.
Any Ideas ??
Thanks in advance. Nan

Did you disconnect and reconnect your display cable as well? I had a similar problem with my Dell a while back and this fixed my issue, best of luck.

I had the whole thing apart (carefully of course) worked ok for 30 boot up tests then died again. ?
Tried reinstalling drivers etc. No joy.
I can get video on external monitor tho.

I think your monitor is gone...
Or maybe your video card is bad now.

I think that this is a hardware problem.


Dell laptops suffer from these type of display failure within a year of the purchase .
my boss had the similar issue and he he spent around $50 to get it back .
the only solution for this is to use the computer in cool environment