Hello Friends,

In my PC i installed the widows XP and after some time the date and time of the PC is not showing properly, i have to update it daily.

So i changed the CMOS battery and placed the new one after that the PC is working fine.
After 2 days it suddenly not starting means

1.The BIOS is loading.
2.The windows logo is comming for 2 seconds and the PC is restarting again.

So i checked in the BIOS Setup

In that the Hard drive it detecting as "Fourth IDE Slave".

But actually it is SATA Drive.

I changed the jumper setting on hard drive then also it is detecting as the "Fourth IDE Slave" only.

So please resolve my issue, i am unabling to understand what the problem is and what will be the solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok this is confusing because SATA drives do not have jumpers for drive select. It is determined by which SATA cable it is connected to. If it is a PATA (40 pin ribbon cable as opposed to 4 pin SATA) then it needs to be a master not a slave. Can you verify the connections and drive type?

Go to BIOS again and set to "Default Bios Setting". Because once you remove the battery all the info in the BIOS is gone and you have to set it back again. Go to standard setting and select "Auto detect". That will detect whatever hard disk you have installed. Also make sure your type of hard disk is either SATA or PATA. By looking at the cable, PATA hard disk use a ribbon like cable connection while the SATA cable is a slim cable connection. Let us know what you find.

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