I'm using windows 2000 here, and mobile intel(R) 945GM express chip set family.
we just stop this desktop 4 days ago, when we come back the next day, switch it on, it was booting normally but after the windows 2000 logo the monitor turns black and say " check the connection cable". after sometimes trying rebooting the system still the same problem persist so i tried in safe mode and it works then i tried also in vga mode it also work well. i tried chkdsk in safe mode the same problem appear, i check if I cold restore it from previous restore point, i found out that win 2000 does'nt have this option or maybe it does have i just don't know where to find it?

can some body help me? i'm willing to listen here.
thanks in advance


Based on what I have seen in the past this is due to selecting a video mode that your monitor cannot display. Boot in VGA mode and then select the lowest resolution available and reboot. It should come up normally and then let you change the resolution.

It could also be a driver problem. Did you change the display setting prior to the fault occurring, if so then rch1231 is correct.