i was told that myway.com is a web browser highjacker.but when iam on the web site my spyware app doesnt pick up eny spyware and after iam off of the site and i scan for spyware there is nothing.the web site has no ad's no banners no popups :rolleyes:

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hey clearice. The best thing to do is run highjackthis & see whats in it. Myway will not affect your opera browser, only IE.


hi.crunchie.thanks for the reply.i have changed my homepage and i took every thing to do with my way out of the registry every time i try to update a app with internet explorer it opens but just sits there i did a highjack this and am waiting to here back from a spyware forum i go to.i looked at the scan and every thing looks good.but i dont know for shure..................

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