I currently have Windows ME installed on both of my hard drives. I did this because I was nervous about using Litestep and wanted to be able to just boot from my other drive if I had a problem. (Seems silly now.)

Now I just would like to know what the best way would be to uninstall one of the copies of ME.


just format the one you are not using .
Format drive
or if you are running one as slave and not using it ! just go into mycomputer and right click the slave drive and clcik format .

i wish it were just that simple.

i currently boot from my 6GB drive and have all my programs installed to my 30GB drive.

i wanted to uninstall windows from my 30GB, but i don't think i chose the option when i installed.

i guess the only thing i can think of is temproarily moving all the files i want to keep to another large drive, like i guess i could borrow one from my dad or something. then formatting it and putting all my stuff back... i have like 20GB used.

so you run programs And boot from your C:\ 6GB.
All your data is stored on D:\ 30 GB. with another Win ME. <-- this is the old one.
You could move all the data from D:\ to the other drive and call it E:\
Just use Disk manager for doing this. But if you could I advise you for removing ancient stuff that you don't need. And well after that, format D: