Hello. I use MSN/Messenger, and I can never seem to sign in. For the past few days, whenever I try to sign on, a message informs me that "either the network is busy, or I am not connected to the Internet", when I am absolutely certain that I am indeed connected to the Internet. I know that I am using the correct e-mail address and password, since I have being doing so for the past year or so now. Does anyone know exactly how I can solve this problem? I was told about a "firewall" possibly interfering with the connection, but have no idea how to go about disabling or working around that. I appreciate any and all help that any of you may provide, and I am sorry for wasting your time. Keep in mind, I am only sixteen years old, know virtually nothing about computers, so...please try to work with me, as I will try my best to understand. Thank you!

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Have you installed a firewall?
Computer knowledge comes quick when you read and post at forums sites. Ive only have had access to a computer for 3 years now besides in the early 90's more you read the smarter you get.

Do you have any idea how my problem can be solved? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't desperate..

Yeah have you installed a firewall
thats only thing that should be blocking the connection

I don't believe so...Is that what's preventing me from signing on to MSN or Messenger? And if so, how can I disable it?

are you trying to chat with Messenger?

I'd like to be able to talk to my contacts, yes.

I've uninstalled it, and tried to reconnect, without success.

Download the spyware and update then run it you should be googd as gold after that

BIG"B's Linked Online Security FOR XP
Top Four Security Downloads (you must have them)

Note: All downloads above are worthless without updates

Thank you for all of your help. I hope this works.

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