In Win 98 when i type a URL, it says page cannot be displayed even after refreshing and doing Ctl+F5.
The same URL can be accessed thru any Win XP/2K machine.
I have tried most of the IE options but all in vain :sad:

Please suggest :cry:

How is this computer connected to the internet?
Did you run the Internet Connection Wizard on the machine?
Do any of the programs that access the net connect properly?

This is connected by a broad band connection and one more thing, Other site of a different project is accessed from this same PC.
Is this a problem with Win 98 machine.
Do you have any idea about it .

Maybe the site is in your restricted sites in your security settings in IE

I have checked most of the settings from IE .
Seems to be some different problem . When i send a request from these few 98 machines, it is not able to hit my server. The request possibly goes into some loop while travelling from the local service provider to us. But a different IP (same circumstances like the server sitting behind a filre wall) is able to get the response.
Also this is not the case with all the machines. Only few (Till now these 3-4 machines are 98 machines based in Pune & Chennai)