tried several times to install Win 98 SE on an 'old' Compaq portable PC :mad:
But I keep receiving all following messages:
1) vredir.vxd is missing
2) dfs.vxd is missing
3) msup32.dll is missing
Then it is asking to copy files from Win 98 SE CD (which is in the disk drive)
4) ksklockf.ax is missing
5) ksdata.ax is missing
6) ksinterf.ax is missing
7) ksproxy.ax is missing
8) ksuser.dll is missing
9) ksvpintt.ax is missing
10) ess.sys is missing
11) ipcfgdll.dll is missing

I would greatly :D appreciate if somebody could point me out to where should I get these files from

thanks !

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Are you using a Windows 98SE disk or the Compaq restore disk? It does sound like you may have a bad disk. Let me know what one you are using.

following some suggestions... :idea: I did the following:
- formatted C:
- then copied from the CD to the hard disk the Win98 folder
- then run the install directly from the hard disk

In this way the installation went perfectly ok: probably the CD reader is somehow faulty or slower than it should.

thanks anyway for the inputs! :mrgreen:


1. i think that OS CD is not the original one if its original than it wont do like that. Original CD is a bootable one and it directly installs the OS
if ur disk is not installing the OS directly then probably its not the bootable one.Even it is bootable and if u r required to move to particular path and then say the command "setup" then its also is not a original CD.
U may have done it the following way

2. if it is copied to the CD from the other dump... then
this problem definately comes
u can install OS through it but after first boot it will check its default drive location and ie.. ur cd drive say "d:\". but if u copied entire OS in particular folder in the cd say "d:\newfolder" then during first boot
setup will automatically check its default drive and if it dont find any valid setup files then it will prompt u if u say cancel still it will continue
but problems will arise like what u said.

the best solution to this first copy entire OS into the HDD then
boot through bootable floppy or disk...
then go to that folder then type "setup"
installation will continue with out prompting any more errors for ever

after the complete installation install all those drivers and softwares
that came with ur system and other removable devices..

restart the system

the problem which u got before is that u skipped some drivers and cab files during installation. therfore u got thoase problems

any further help:::::::::

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