OpSys: Win 98SE (installed by Dell), Ver. 4.10.2222A, Update Q890175

Machine: Dell Dimension 4100 P3 / 866mHz / 512mB RAM, SB Live, GeForce FX5200, USR modem, USB hub, dual CD-RW.

Key software: MS Office 2000 Pro, IE, Visio, CompuPic, SB audio, ZoneAlarm, Norton Anti-virus and System Works, Roxio and too many misc. programs and utilites to count!

Problem: I'm learning to use PowerPoint 2000 (ver. 9.0.2716) for sending slide shows of digital photos to customers on auto-start CDROM. Recently installed PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (MS download) and "Pack and Go" module (from disc) which can create the CD. I packaged a presentation per MS's instruction and tried to run the play.bat file (which starts the Viewer .exe file). However, an error mesage is returned saying the Viewer only works with Windows 98SE, Win 2000, etc., and will not run the viewer. This happened one other time around a year ago while trying to install DVD software packaged with a Plextor CDRW drive, and a similar error was shown (as if I am running Windows 95 or first-edition 98).

Windows System utility in Control Panel correctly reports Windows 98SE, as does Belarc Advisor.

I then opened regedit and looked though the software version sections (I don't edit my registry, I just look). Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion, I see Product Name (data) "Microsoft Windows 98", and under Version, I see "Windows 98". In the other registry sections, I don't see any reference to a Windows version in the / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion areas. Also, when I open "My Computer" and look at "Help/About Windows", it reports Windows 98, Copyright 1981-1998.

Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance....Gary

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Thanks, TechMaster, I'll give them a try.

What has my curiosity now is where in the Windows system is the operating system version actually identified to other software? (subject for a new post, I suppose)


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