I'll make this one much shorter than the post that went into outer space and not here.
A company program that has a login screen and password as it starts to open. A time waster because everyone has the same login and pw.
Must have been the programmer's joke. Can a simple program be written with whatever is available in Windows XP that would fill the log in and pw as it opened? Just having an icon on the desktop to click and get it to fill in this useless info would sure help.

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I was looking into your exact issue at my job. However, we have secured computers, therefore, we can't run any files with exe extensions. Had I been able, I would have used WinBatch: http://www.winbatch.com/. I haven't used it, but it appears fairly straightforward. Sort of like recording a macro for MS Word or Excel, but you create a macro/script for Windows. I'm sure you will be able to automate the sign in process, and you'll even be able to do it yourself with no coding. You'll be the hero at the office.

If you want different options, the programmers who read this post will need to know the type of utility you're using. What type of interface, web or other? Maybe even the language it's written in. Basically any and all information about the utility you can provide.

Sounds like a program that was written "in house". Do you have access to the code?



Thanks for the information on Winbatch.com. The program appears like it would, without any doubt, do the job. But, and that is a big but. That program costs $495.00. I can type in the information for many years to come instead of spending that much money to fix a small problem. I do thank you for the information, but it appears it would be far too expensive to get rid of this log in problem.
It was done by the "head office" programmers, in another city, and the code is not available



I was looking here and there and I found just what I needed. The program is a macro recorder with macro scripting and editing capabilities. $39.95 or a lesser version for $24.95.
It was at www.tethyssolutions.com Not bad, it works.


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