I have windows ME, everytime i go to install a new program i get the same error message corresponding to the program for example, " AoL Setup has caused an error <unknown> if you continue experiecing problems please restart your computer."
I scanned for viruses, i have none, i defraged harddrive, the only problem i can find is when i go to do scan disk i get the message "scandisk has restarted 10 times due to program writing to the disk. so i restarted in safe mode and tried again, same results. So I am stuck and I need help, pls gimme hand if you all can :)

(sorrie about bad grammer and spelling)

Shut down to your DOS prompt. Change the A: prompt to C:
At the C: prompt type 'scandisk /all' (without the ' ' marks). Yes to correct all errors it finds. You can skip the undo but do save all lost fragments as files (at least for now). You can go back later and delete them, if not needed.

Did more thinking about your problem. Since you are using Windows ME, you have the System Restore feature available. Hopefully it is enabled. Click on Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore. Select a previous date when your computer was working. You will not lose any data using this Restore feature. If your System Restore will not work, possibly it is not enabled. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel / System / Performance / File System / Troubleshooting and verify Disable System Restore IS NOT checked. If it is, 'uncheck' it. Your computer should restart automatically. If it does not, restart it. Also, go to Microsoft.com and search for 290700. It is a 'hot-fix' for Windows ME System Restore. Without it, the feature will not work.
System Restore automatically runs System Check Points periodically. If your feature was disabled, you will not have any previous restore points available. Suggest you go to System Restore, per above steps, and create a 'manual restore point' before downloading anything. This way, if something does not work, you have the chance to go back and restore your computer before the download. Please post back and let us know. Good Luck.....

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