Hey Guys,

I have a few questions...

At work we are overhauling our file server system and I'm in need of some suggestions....

What are some good file management softwares or any suggestions on how to handle it?

What we have now is a fairly straight foward system where there are multiple folders defined with multiple data fileswithin.. ( pdf's, models, word docs, etc...)

Is there any way to have some sort of interface where a user can view a tree structure of other folders/files that are associated with a single folder location? Like an assembly with details?

I hope that makes sense.. Thanks!


I am sorry, can you clarify a bit what you are looking for?

sorry about the confusion..

pretty much an interface of some sort for data stored on a computer.

example.. say i have tons of pdf's, worddocs, image, etcc... is there a way to have 'users' access to this data through a interface instead of the old windows explorer with folders and such... ?

almost like a search i guess but with a little more sophistication..