I have an inspiron 1501 dell laptop. norton anti virus. and have tried to use system restore, it didn't work.

I logged on this morning and my taskbar, start button and desktop icons have disappeared. I can use task manager to get on the internet but that's about it =/

any help?!! please?!

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If you try to run explorer.exe from task manager, does the desktop load?

i just had to deal with this exact problem!!

it's a few steps, but it works great:

step #1: go into your windows folder (c:\windows) and find 'explorer.exe' file.
it should be a picture of a computer. (you'll also see a file beside it called explorer, but that will lead you into my computer).

step #2: once you've located the explorer.exe file, right click, copy, and paste it in the same place. a new file will appear called 'copy of explorer.exe'

step #3: rename the new file yourname.exe (ex: chris.exe)

step #4: click on your start menu, and go to 'run'. type regedit and press ENTER.

step #5: there will be 5 or 6 folders. look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and double click.
then look for SOFTWARE, double click, then MICROSOFT, and double click. then WINDOWS NT, then CURRENTVERSION, then WINLOGON.

step #6: once inside the 'WINLOGON' directory, look for a file called "shell", and double click it.

step #7: rename the value data to read yourname.exe (or in my case... chris.exe).

step #8: restart your computer, and enjoy. :)

let me know how you make out.

(keep in mind, you dont have to name that file after yourself... you can call it whatever you want.)

if that doesn't work, you may have to copy the 'explorer.exe' file from a working comp with the same operating system, or you will have to reinstall windows.

alot of trojans will attack that file... for whatever reason... you may have had a recent infection, and your anti virus removed the infection... but not before it damaged the explorer.exe file.

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