I'm having a problem with my Dell laptop. When it's in the docking station I want it to use the external monitor that is connected to the docking, and have the lid closed. The problem is that when I close the lid, the external monitor turns off. I have specified in the Dell Quickset options that when I close the lid the computer should do nothing.

The problem only occurs on one user. I tried logging in with the local administrator account and it worked just fine.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you still need to change that option in the power options section in the Control Panel.

You might have to set the rules for all the users on the computer. Cause I know on my computer there would be different power settings for every user.

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if the other users are not admin on the pc, then their setting will not be able to take effect and power is one of those setting disabled to limited account on XP. However, try hitting the FN key and the monitor key on the laptop to switch the output, see if this will help