When I start my computer, login to my Windows XP account, there is no taskbar (which I think is the explorer.exe). I CAN see all of my icons and desktop but no taskbar. I have scanned my entire computer for viruses, malware and others. I have worked with Regedit as said in the intenret but no luck. I can access the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL, i see the explorer.exe process running, I end it and run it again but no luck. Please help me as you know a computer has no base without a taskbar!

Your taskbar appears to be hidden or you may disable it. Try and enable it again. The taskbar is the one at the bottom of the screen right and you can't see that. Example it shows a bar and say internet explorer and a few icons on the right bottom. To enable just hover your mouse pointer at the spot you last saw your taskbar. if you forget just move your mouse pointer around the screen

Can you also see your start button and the icon on the right bottom. The one that control the volume or others. You can unlock your taskbar also by right clicking on an empty space within the task bar. Try posting a screenshot of your problem. Good luck

if it was a problem with explorer.exe you wouldn't see any icons eithor .so as jingda says it likely just hidden or maybe screen resiolution is set to high

Yup what capperjack said is true. Maybe your screen is too big and the taskbar is too small to be seen. But most likeli it will be hidden follow my steps to unhide it.

This may help you...
Move your Cursor at the location of Taskbar.

If taskbar appears mean that you Have Checked on "Autohide Taskbar"... (Uncheck it)
If Resize Arrow Appears Then Drag the it on Upper Side...

hit the crtl alt del then task manager pop up, click file then select new task run,,in the pop up window type explorer.exe then click ok...

Thanks all, after all I figured out the problem myself! =D

Thanks all, after all I figured out the problem myself! =D

thats great ,please do share the solution. with us all

Thanks all, after all I figured out the problem myself! =D

How did you did it? I am curious why our suggestions did not help you. Do tell us what your method are.

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