Funny when people suggest going to this site or that and downloading this program or that when the problem some of us are having is that we can't download anything! I can't download (open OR save) any mail attachments with AOL or Yahoo, or update any programs, or download any new programs. The process appears to complete as others here note, but when I look for the file, it's nowhere. I have Vista. Otherwise my computer is working just super fine. I reset to default everything I could find thinking that somewhere along the line I might have changed (blocked) downloads, but it made no difference.
H E L P it's making me nuts.


Have you tried using firefox to see if you get a different result?

Rick, I would, but I can't download it. : )


Good point, what protective software do you have?

Rick,I would, but I can't download it. : )


Rick, I have McAfee, but of course it's not current since updates won't load. It's about 1 year old from when laptop was new. I know Norton can be a problem, so I never use it.


What version of windows do you have and what version of IE do you have?

In IE 8, click on tools, then internet options, advanced, then hit the reset IE settings and see if that makes any difference!

Thanks, I tried that on my own about two months ago. : ( All the obvious things have been tried. I should add that it worked when the lap top was new. Last download was 9/9. I deleted all downloads prior to that date and all programs associated with them like Graboid and some art programs....

Yes, my local computer guru did that last week. No change. Maybe I have a haunting. lol. That's what prompted me to try here. He's exhausted his bag of tricks.

About the only option left is to get someone to download firefox for you and put it on a usb stick. If you don't already have one, they are cheap and available in most good shops!

Will do. But not yet. I'm not convinced I can't find some little glitch somewhere that is preventing downloads. It only stands to reason since computers are GIGO. Thanks and if you think of anything else write me okay?? Linda

Pretty much everything I can think of requires downloading something! At least if you can get firefox working you can download some useful software like Mbam, HiJackThis, and ccleaner! You may well even want to convert over to firefox as it's a much better browser than IE! It's quicker and more reliable and easier to use that IE if you ask me.

Oh,I have cc cleaner. It doesn't detect anything at all. Amazing huh.

And yes, I do like Firefox. I use it on my other computer. Love it.

I actually suspect malware, it may well have altered your account privelages as this is really quite common. So being able to get things like Mbam would be far more useful!

If you have another computer, can you not get firefox from that?

How would I get firefox from the other computer to this one??

Via a usb stick or via your network if you have any shared folders set p!

No shared folders. Have to get the stick and try that. Thanks. I'll let you know.


Once you get it (FF) installed, we will get you to download some anti-malware tools to see if there is any nasties lurking.

Thanks, I'm not going to get to it right, new baby in the family, just a lot going on right now. L.