I am using WIndows XP. Recently a process called View.exe is starting at the startup itself and clogging the memory while the welcome screen is loading. When i end it from the task manager then the things become right. Sometimes if it doesnt start during the startup, it will start at somepoint of time( donno when) and when i try to open an exe, it will throw an error saying that it is being used by some other process. Only When i end the process, then only I will be open the exe.

Is there actually any way to block a specific process in XP?

Mutyala Rao Aripaka.

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Please let us know the following:

In what directory is View.EXE?

What is the date & time of creation of the directory containing view.exe?

The only way I know of blocking a process, which may well be embedded in the Registry for auto-starting, is to remove it - and usually (but not always) then in an environment other than the one in which it is running.

as suspishio stated, look for the directory of the file, do you recognized the program, can you start the program, if u can you can configure it to not start at startup, if you are not able to configure it, u can stop it from starting by way of the registry or msconfig.


There are also other weird processes like Phone-call.exe, msnmagaer.exe and kxummnpbu.exe running. They are coming back at every booty..How can i prevent them from starting. How about writing a TSR progeam in C# to detect these process and kill them?

Hello There is an easy way to fix this :)

First go to,

Start, then Run, then Type "msconfig" (Without speach marks),

Then click on the tab called Startup,

Then you see all the processes that start when your computer starts, Untick/Tick the processes you want then press Apply then Ok.

If you want, Make the command tab bigger to see the location of the file and delete it.


I have a process called exe.exe starting each time I boot up. I've used msconfig and told windows not to start it anymore but each time I restart it loads up again. I've used registry cleaners to remove all traces of it from my comp but it still starts up. According to task manager the process is avi and I'm pretty sure it's a file my little bro accepted through skype. Also when I do restart a dialog box opens up saying loading personalised setting from exe.exe and the file is stated as being in windows\system32\sedf\exe.exe. Help me somebody please. I'm not exactly a computer genius but not a complete noob either. I'm using win 7

You can try running Trend Micro Housecall from http://housecall.trendmicro.com/uk/

If you can't do this online, you can download (from another computer) and burn a boot CD or USB boot stick. Boot off the media of choice and disinfect.

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