I've been recently facing a lot of problems with my laptop but now I am at rock bottom. I left my laptop alone for about 10 minutes and I came back my screen was black. I moved the mouse but to no avail. I then restarted it thinking it would reboot fresh but after the TOSHIBA logo the computer went into a black screen again. I do know I had a virus and I was having trouble with sound on my computer (a problem associated with the driver) is the black screen rooted from the above 2 problems? What do I possibly do now?


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Try booting up in safe mode. I beleive that you press f8 after the toshiba screen (it might be f6). This should start the computer with the bare minimum of the operating system and most programs will not be loaded.

You can then try your antivirus software. I use Malwarebytes, which you should download on another comupter and then install on the problem PC. You could also go out to the Toshiba site and get any drivers that may be corrupt.

If you have the windows CDs (or DVDs) try booting from them. If the intial install screens show up then you know that it is an OS or driver problem.

As a last resort, reinstall the OS.

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