If you have Windows 7 on yours and the non working one, and they both 32bit or 64bit, you can do this.

Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create a System Repair Disc


Try it, just need a Recovery CD which will allow you to see the drive's to re-partition.

There is Hiren BootCD but you need ot knwo what you doing with it.


will make the recovery cds now, and see if they work.
I have recovery disks for the 64bit, but they dont seem to work


these are the options, have tried them all and none work

The Vaio Recovery centre opens when i put the first disk in the drive

VAIO Hardware Diagnostics

The quick tests comes up with no errors, when I try under the tools tab, no drives show at all

Restore C: Drive
it tells me that no drive is found, and to try complete system restore

Restore Complete System
and it comes up with "The capacity of this C: Drive is too small and cannot be resized. If you choose to continue the program may fail"
Then Error 334 appears.

rescue data
which i have done successfully,

Wipe and Erase Data
doesnt work, no drive to use

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Can't see how you backed up data fi the drive not seen.

Did you do it when you first had the problem.


you missed my earlier post, i could see the drive earlier today.

Yesterday when i could see the drive, I backed up the data

Then I went through all the options on the recovery as in my last post.
After the complete system restore starting, it said it wouldnt work, then next thing, its coming up with no operating system found
And now if I try any of the options, it tells me the drive cant be found


hiya, i gave it a rest for the night after you had gone,

have done the boot disk from the link you sent me, but not 100% sure what im supposed to do with it


Boot up on the disc, and there should be a Partition tools on it.

Tell me what options you have.


Parted Magic

1. Default settings (runs from ram)
2. Live with default settings
3.live with low ram settings
4. alternative graphical server
5. Local Boot
6. Reboot

Failsafe Menu


Remembered you said you can't see the Harddrive in the BIOS, so need to sort that first.

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Does look it.

Contact Sony and get their input as it should be dealt with, by the warranty.

Might as well close this thread if done under warranty.

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