Hey everyone,

This is my first post on the site, just looking for some help!
I have just bought a new Sony VGN-CS26G/R laptop with Windows Vista and SP1. When i start up the laptop, I can connect to my home internet network wirelessly, however, the internet connection (not the local network) usually cuts out after only a few minutes. I can then disconnect and reconnect to the network, and it will either be perfect for a long period of time or the same thing will happen again and only stay connected for a few minutes (where i disconnect and reconnect again). The same problem occurs when resuming the computer after a sleep or hibernate.
If i try and diagnose the problem using vista, it says there are no ploblems.
When i connect to the router via a wired connection, everything is fine and works great.
To try and solve the problem i have downloaded all of the windows updates, manually put in IP addresses and DNS numbers in the 'Internet Protocol Version 4' Properties, and have changed the power settings to ensure the power to the wireless card is always on.
The router being used is a D-Link DI-524.
I would appreciate any opinions or help


Looking at one of two possibilities:

a) Faulty wireless adapter drivers (early released drivers were often patched-up XP drivers, know to have compatibility issues).

Download drivers from link below (select OS) and install, running the installer as Admin


b) Other less likely scenario is that power spikes are effecting the router's wireless connectivity. Need to ensure ALL connections from your phone line are filtered, and a good idea to invest in a surge-protected power board.

The first option however is by far the most likely... OEM's have an awful habit of supplying seriously outdated hardware drivers, even on new models.

i downloaded the new drivers and now it works perfectly from the website!
thankyou...appreciate it heaps!

No problems at all. Just remember to mark as solved - that way you won't keep getting pestered :)

NB - is a problem that is unfortunately all too common... is why I always double check the drivers on a fresh install. Saves the heartache

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