When trying to access Adobe.com to download the updated (from ver 9) flash player with Internet Explorer 8 I get the error message "0x06da0068" referenced memory 0x06da0068." The memory could not be written. When I try to use Firefox I'm told to "close Mozilla firefox."

My operating system is XP with 1gb memory.I have no idea what application is being affected,

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try to uninstall the internet explorer 8 and the adobe flash player... restart the machine.... hope it works.....


This problem is caused by the DEP settings in your browser, that control the ActiveX components/ad-ons you want to install, like Flash, and even some updates from M$.

You can work around it, to temporary turn off or disable DEP, by following this:

"Local Administrators can control DEP/NX by running Internet Explorer as an Administrator and unchecking the Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks” option."
For details see http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/04/08/ie8-security-part-I_3A00_-dep-nx-memory-protection.aspx"

Turn it off, install your plug-in, and turn it on again, I guess would be the safest.

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