somehow, i have deleted the windows games suite from my pc. I don't have an installation disk, I have XP Home so I didn't create a restore point. The deleted files do not appear in the Recycle Bin.

I am desperate to get them back. Can anyone tell me how to get them reinstalled or tell me where i can go.

please i am desperate to amend my error before the old lady gives me another burnt dinner.

please, remember i am a complete novice so noddy instructions will be very helpful

Here's the directions for reinstalling the games in XP -

If you are missing the games in Windows XP to reinstall the games go to Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs / Add-Remove Windows Components, and highlight the Accessories and Utilities option. Click details, and put a check in the box next to Games. Click OK and the games should reinstall.

thanks for getting in touch and trying to help.

i have followed your suggestion and have hit a snag. the installation program begins but stops and asks to specify a path to a file

it is pointing to c: /i386 but it then says that the file needed is not located there.

i have looked at the folder i386 and cannot see any folder or file relating to what it wants.

it may be that i have lost the folder. i don't have an installation cd either to copy files from. i have a dell system and they did not supply the cd with the system i got.

are you able to help further

i don't know of sites on the net where you can get the games. the only hope for you is to get the win Xp installation CD. and do ashoustonIT had said. otherwise you'll have to do with the burnt dinner. Sorry man. feel yah

Howdy Folks
Many Dell Computers have a restore partition with all the installation cab files hidden away in it. It is kind of like a Norton Ghost file. There is a Program Called Universal Extractor which might be able to dig into it and copy the game files and allow them to be reinstalled. Check first by model Number with Dell before doing anything drastic. Sarge the Poet

Call Dell, get the restore CD's for your computer, and do a system restore will be your other option. You will NOT find the games on the internet for download, only comes from the windows CD.

Did you delete the games? Or did something else happen?

- You accidentally removed the games folder from the startup programs list.

- You accidentally dragged the folder to another location.

Use the Search function in My Computer to look for them.