Hi All

I set up a user for my daughter, a problem has arisen recently where she cannot access applications,she gets an error message "Application not found" or "open with google" and then nothings happens.

Is it a virus or something else,I have made her an administrator still same problem.

Any help welcome


OS Win Vista

Do a scan with Malware bytes first. Go to the site and download the free version and do a malware scan. Does other accounts have the same problem?

Hi yes I have done a scan in the meantime,infected with trojans(trojan.cinmus) was one of them.

I have no idea how that got on it as it should be picked up by the "paid for anti virus software"

I have no access to my daughters user at the moment(password state secret,bad move on my part).I will check if this has resolved the problem. Only one user excluding admin


what anti virus software are you currently using? Ask your daughter to create another admin account and see whether when she is using the new admin account she created, does she have any problems? Like as in with the applications?

Hi McFee AntiVirus, no problems with a new user.It does not recognize the applications for some reasons it asks for "choose program to open with" even when selected it wont run.It is not a virus issue.


Since you said other users are having no problem, it means there is something with the admin account your daughter is using. Myabe she change some settings? Have you tried s system restore?

See this link


Althought there are no help in the link, people are not having any problems when they create a new account. What i would suggest is to backup all data, files and folders. Backup your browser bookmarks as well. Use the new admin account you created. Since there is no problem with that, just you the new account and delete the old admin account your daughter is using.

Hi thanks for all your advice that is what I had in mind jingda, create a new account,there is opposition from my daughter on this action but that is the simplest solution.

Is this a corruption of the registry by a virus?


Find the .exe for the program and changing the Security on the file to allow the other User accounts to run it.
Right click on the Programs .exe, go to Properties, go to the Security Tab and add the User(s) who you want to have access.

You could also setup Parental Controls (All versions of Vista except Business) and give the Limited Accounts access to Applications that you want them to have access to.
Some programs when you install them, only allow accounts with Administrator rights to be able to Run them. So make sure that you install them with e'one access.

Or else her appdata folder has an autorun.inf file which runs instead of the apps. Locate it and remove it will solve the issue. Usually a worm has such a behavior. You may need to fix the shortcuts.

If you are having problems with Links, you have to set another browser as the default rather than IE.

Finally another simple solution if the files (shortcuts) missing the exe portion.

Right-click on task bar, select Task Manager. In Task Manager, select File > New. Type cmd.exe and press OK.
In the command prompt, type the following pressing Enter after each line.

ftype exefile = "%1" %*
assoc .exe=exefile

Better do a copy-paste. To paste in command prompt right-click and select paste. After this restart the machine.

Hope this helps!

hi there,
i'd just like to say i agree w/ jingda on this one.
just use the same username & replace the account & favorites folder
(maybe she won't notice) if she does, tell her she needs to be more careful about viruses
a virus can do anything that a programmer can do,(if it actually runs)

but if you'd rather search for the problem,
check the security permissions on the apps.
check local group policy(this sounds possible, but i've never seen this)
it sounds to me like you want her to be a standard user, and that sounds good to me, but then you'll have to set(give) permissions on the apps. that she uses.
and she'll have to ask you to install any new apps, so that can be a lil' annoying