I have an XP Pro PC with SP3. I have all the latest drivers. And everything in Bios and windows itself is setup correctly. ACPI is in S3 mode.

When I want to shutdown the PC, I press the Sleep key, which I have done for ages, and the PC enters Sleep (Standby) mode. There are no lights on the PC, and it looks as if it is actually switched off, which is correct.

To restore the PC from Sleep, I have always pressed the Power button, and within a very short time, the PC is back where I left off previously. Again, correct.

But now, when I press the Power button, the PC seems to go through the exit Sleep process. The PC Power light comes on, the Monitor light come on. The first thing I see on the Monitor is the standard LG message about the video card. That disappears and small message then appears about the monitor being in Standby mode. The screen then goes black and nothing else happens.

To get the PC to work I have to reset it.

This started about a week ago, completely out of the blue. I haven't installed anything new. I have run SFC /SCANNOW but that didn't help.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?


It is possible that some automativc update has changed something. Can you do a restore and go back a week. If not then it may be a hard ware problem as it doe snot appear to be reading the hib file properly on the hard disk

Hi mjdodd

Over the past two or three days I have done a couple of Restores, played around with the Bios, checked automatic updates, and yesterday, a Repair Install (again!). And it still wouldn't work. If I had any hair to spare, I would have torn it all out in frustration.

And then I read your reply. It reminded me about a similar problem a few years ago with a friends PC. Thinking that perhaps the hib file might be corrupt or whatever, I looked in the root of C:, but it wasn't there. I searched all my 4 HD's and still couldn't find it. I did a Google for it and found a Microsoft site that had instructions on how to create a new hiberfil.sys. Which I did. And away it went.

The strange thing is what deleted the hiberfil file in the first place? Something must have deleted it without me knowing?

Anyway, everything is OK once again.

So thanks for that reminder mjdodd.


Hey,please help!I switch on computer and it runs for about 10 mins then a blank screen ......BB