This is a small 'OCR data editing 2.0.3' software(160kb), but it access a big file VBDL.exe (175mb) ... (some call it virus, but its not).
Its an image database. It contains about 798 jpeg files which is shown in the ocr software. Although, the jpgs are 576x1440 px long, it is shown partially & one has to scroll down.

Now, I was curious ...
So, I extracted the jpegs from that VBDL.exe - and they all came out Pixelated. (chk d scrnshots)
I used 2 software - JPEG Extractor & MultiExtractor, both produced same result.

But in the OCR software they look clean n good.

Why this is happening & how to resolve it ???
(Strangely, Photoshop CS5 can't able to open those extracted pixelate jps)
(Are they missing something? JPGs dont need codecs like videos. But in that case
I also tried to extract them while the software was running. But yielded same result.)

Also tell me what those controls for scrolling the jpg, in the ocr software called ??? (marked by red circle)
What is the difference between a scrolling window & those controls???

THNX in advance ...:icon_rolleyes:

Those JPG files has been compressed in max (ultra compression) probably which is why this kind of problem occurs. I never heard of OCR personally but normally image file compression software would have problem extracting back those image to original state but still look normal in the software image viewer...

Maybe you should try to use it to compress image files and extract it and see if it come up with the same problem...

Well, when I extracted those jpegs using MultiExtractor... they were named like
So may be they are originally 24bit deep jpeg, but extracted as normal 8bit jpeg, hence lost everything. (So, is it like 24 million colors came down to 256 colors?).
But, MultiExtractor has option to extract 8, 16, 24 bits bmp,jpg,tiff,etc files. So why didn't it do it.

May be flagstar is right. Still the mystery remained unsolved.

I don't think extracting to 8bit would cause something like that, it'll just get pixelated effect all over, not partial like in the screenshot.

However, did you try it on another computer or using another VBDL.exe files? I'm starting to doubt that VBDL is corrupted.

@nit_hm or @ahhiamdying4u if you are reading this, contact me ... i can help you extract the images from the exe, dont ask how but i am attaching a sample extracted from the file(vbdl.exe).

mail id: maxsteel3000@gmail.com