I want to create a batch file that opens an executable(.exe) file .
Actually when we open that .exe file it asks us select or browse a file then we need to select the file.
After selecting the file we need to remove the file in the second textbox by clicking Remove button
Then in the next textbox we need to enter some text and then hit process.

This is the actual process to make this process automated i want to create a batch file to automate the process. Can anyone help me in writing the batch file to this procss?

Here i will give you a screenshot of the process. You can find the screenshot attached

I think this is a programming question! and perhaps should be in that forum. However there are certainly two ways
1. Would be to use DOS yes the old fashioned commands and put them in the batch file.
2: Use a programming language such as Visual basic or Visual C++ and write a short piece of code to do the job for you;

Thank you for your quick reply.
Actually I want to use some Linux commands like echo which are actually used in writing batch file.