hi im new to this would be greatful for any help my computer wont boot up i keep getting a message saying a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer then i get technical information STOP:0x0000007E(0xC0000006,0x83AFD500,0x8857BBB8,0x8857B8B4) i cant get in on safe mode it just keeps going back to the same error sorry its a windows vista

If you have more than one stick of ram then try with just 1. Then try it in a different slot. Then try the other (assuming you have 2 sticks).

It's possible you have a stick of ram on the way out!

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i actually just ran into a problem similar to this with my brother's laptop. one possible fix is going into the BIOS and changing the hard drive's mode to IDE. Forgive me, i forget exactly which setting it was... something to do with AHCI...

try to check the following, cpu, hdd and the video card, bluescreen error most probably hardware error or defective hardware...

sorry i dont know how to check cpu when i put my computer on and press f8 and go for repair my computer it just keeps going back to launch start up repair then i get a blue screen with STOP:0x0000007E (0xC0000006,0x83AFD500,0x8857BBB8,0x8857B8B40) and it wont do anything else

You'll want to access your BIOS. The very first text that comes up when you then your computer on tells you how to do that. Also, do a quick Google or Wikipedia search on BIOS si you understand what it is.

Do what rick from rce said before you try anything else. If it's bad ram you will be beating your head agaist the wall with everything else believe me.