I hope someone can help. A recent update came for my anti virus product (McAfee Total Protection). However as a result of this update the screen resolution changed from 1024 x 768 - 32bit to 640 x 480 - 4bt and cannot be changed back citing Windows does not recognise my installed graphics card drivers/software (ATI Radeon HD 3650 512MB AGP). I have contacted ATI support (now owned by AMD) along with McAfee. ATI suggested installing the latest driver, which I've done but the issue returns after a second reboot

So if anyone else encountered this how did they deal with it? any help would be appreciated.


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Either your graphics card driver has a corrupt file, and the latest driver didn't replace it or your graphics card is dead and it is not starting properly.

To find out which one it is uninstall ALL ATI software from your PC, reboot and then install the latest driver.
Reboot a couple times and if the problem comes back, buy yourself a new card.


Go to device manger and check whether there are any yellow exclamation or red X there. If there is uninstall and install the latest driver again. Why in the first place will your screen resolution change? If reinstalling the drivers won't work, take another graphic card ( if you have want ) and try it on your laptop. See whether that works. If yes, do what Adam K said. Buy a new graphics card. Try doing a scan with malwarebytes too

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There will be an exclamation or an X or it would work

I show the exact same issue 2 weeks ago on a friends computer. He had an ATI graphics card as well. Can't remember the model or the exact text in Device Status, but after a couple days of trying everything I switched my ATI with his and while his computer was working perfect, mine couldn't start the graphics card.

If a "clean" install of drivers doesn't help, don't waste your time.

PS: The McAfee update might be a coincidence.

PS2: @jingda: The resolution changes because the graphics card cannot be started. At this status it is only capable of displaying 640x480 with 256 colors (or is it less than 256? )


Hi Adam
Thanks for the advice. In answer to your second thread the resolution was 640 x 480 (4 bit) considerably less that 256. Since I posted to the forum I have re imaged the PC and re-installed the latest ATI drivers (V11.7)from the Sapphire website (the card manafacturer) However after installing all the windows updates the OS looked for the ATI driver to be reinstalled, which I have done. Restarted the PC and it seems to be working fine. However I will see if this stays this way after a couple of restarts and see what happens.


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