So I've been running off a Dell Studio 1555 laptop with Windows 7 for about two years now.

Previously I've had a few problems where when I was using the computer the screen would go black but a few seconds later it would boot back up and say that there had been a problem with the display driver but it had been fixed. I didn't worry too much about it because it always fixed itself before I had to.

Today I was on the laptop a good ten minutes or so before the screen suddenly went black and thinking it was like previous times I waited for it to reboot, but it never did. I turned the laptop off and turned it back on. The power on light kicks on and the laptop sounds as if it is starting up but the screen remains black, not dim, just pitch black. I've tried removing the battery and all of that, even tried starting it up multiple times but it still won't display anything.

Is there something wrong with the light, you think? I would really appreciate some help, this computer is my life.

sound like it could be the back light ,try hooking it up to a desktop monitor or even shine a flashlight on the screen ,to see you can see windows image

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