Im having a problems with XP i installed it on two different HDD already and they are both using up 100% of the cpu... also one of them is new out of the box. Cant seem to figure out what the problem is.... I have also reconnected all the wires before to make sure it wasnt loose wires. Thanks

AMD 3200
ATI X800 GT Powercolor
Windows XP Pro SP2

Also i checked now and it is the Explorer.exe, CSRSS.exe, scvhost.exe, and winlogon.exe that would uses up the CPU alternately. And sometimes if none of them are using it.. then its the System Idle Process......

System Idle process is OK to take up 99-100% of CPU time. That's the process that takes up time when no one else is doing anything. As far as the others, you probably want to run some spyware and virus scans. If those turn up anything, feel free to post for help in the Spyware forum on this very site.

Yea thats the thing.... so far i havent install anything besides windows XP no programs and the ethernet cable is not even plugged in yet... ill still try the anti virus to c if anything comes up tho. Dont even have that yet -_-

Yea i tried to scan but found nothing... and also reinstalled windows xp but this time a different verison of it the 64bit 2005 one.... yet it is still using up the cpu. it does perform a bit better tho... not that its doing any good