when i am trying to do disc partitions in my laptop (hp pavillion g6 1118tx windows 7 home basic 64 bit ) at the end of the operation when i exit from the new simple volume wizard, it gives an error reading "the operation you selected will convert the selected basic discs to dynamic discs.if u convert discs to dynamic u will not be able to start installed operating system from any volume on the discs.are you sure you want to continue?"
if i click no ,it exits.if i click yes,it gives another error reading "dynamic discs are not supported by this operating system or server configuration.Dynamic discs are not supported on clusters."
i kept all the default options during the process.
any body help me please.
and also,is there any way to install linux on my laptop with windows without creating partitions?

There is. Use wubi. It'll install Linux (Ubuntu apparently) with Windows side by side without repartitioning.

If you want to install linux, the best way is to repartition from linux installation itself. Linux use their own partition (ext2,ext3 etc.) so Windows will not detect your linux partition later on. Linux can also install on NTFS partition format but much slower compared to ext foramt.