Hi, trying to create a .doc template which I can use in work for a brochure.The top of the page is blue with a logo and the two sides and the bottom are the same blue. What we do now is print out onto paper with this border already on it but we want to send digital copies of them now so want to have this as a border and we can just fill out the text in the middle. Can this be done in Word? Or anyone know the best way of doing it??

Actually yes, you can do that. First off, you need image for the border (.jpg, .png etc.) And then paste to your word project. If it was oversized or too small, just drag all 4 edge to end of project corner. If it was impossible, read below.

Then once done, you'll have bordered project but not done yet. To fully utilize and do extra typing, right click the image, select 'Text wrapping' and select 'Through'. Now you can write with bordered project. Set image as 'Through' will also let you adjust the setting of your border image when doing it after pasting is impossible.


If I understand you correctly, this is the easiest of tasks if the document isn't intended for printing (obviously printers can't print to the edge of the page so your border couldn't be printed if its that far out.

I have created many templates through Word that are very similar to what you wish to do. Using Tables and Borders you can create a frame that encloses the page at any distance from the edge that you wish. You can then color that outside frame edge blue. Next, using Word Art you and Drawing you can create a logo. If you cannot recreate the logo you'll need to have it scanned and imported, like in Clip Art.

Next, the area within your border can be converted to a Text Box in which you can design an manipulate whatever text you wish to enter. Attach it as an email and send.

To keep it as a blank template without the text, save it first. Then each time you can begin fresh with a new bordered page.

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