hi can anyone help i am having problems with a laptop that i was given the laptop was running slow it's a fujitsu siemens amilo pi 1505 on xp pro i tried to backup the previous owners files on to disc but every time i c+p in to cd drive the cd drive is a HL-DT-ST DVD-RW Gwa-4082n and i put a blank disc in and it reads as no spare space, i got this message WINDOWS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHEN TRYING TO COPY THIS FILE.
DO YOU WANT TO RETRY OR CANCEL so i then wiped everything and re installed windows xp pro, and still the problem persists i have done all windows updates and re installed dvd drive drivers does anyone have any more ideas?

my second problem is i have a program called WBFS MANAGER 3.0 every time i try to load it i get the following error message APPLICATION HAS GENERATED AN ERROR THAT COULD NOT BE HANDLED PROCESS ID=0X9F4 (2548) THREAD ID=0EXA4(3748)

i have now investigated further cd drive will recognise a blank cd and burn but put a blank dvd -r in and it recognises the disc but says 0 bytes available 0 bytes used i thought it might b the disc so i tried another but to no avail these discs are recognised on my other laptop

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