I've been attempting to run an ancient plotter using Autocad drivers on a HP winXP laptop (sp2). It seems, though, that the precise driver for my plotter (generic HP-GL/2 drivers do not work with it as it is using HPGL) is not functioning in my version of Autodesk. I've been rummaging through some other systems I own, and found the exact driver for the model plotter I'm using (HP DraftPro DXL 7575a) on my ancient win95 laptop. Natch that that computer would run the device fine if its parallel port drew voltage, but it seems that either it's shorted out, or the port's own drivers are corrupted.

To sum up, is it at all possible to make a device driver formatted for win95 run that device in XP?

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I'm going to be brief:

Nope. It won't work. Two different OSes, two different drivers are needed.

Most people found this true as well with Dazzle/Pinnacle's Digital Photo Maker USB capture devices as well... no XP driver from Pinnacle who bought up Dazzle and left consumers basically in a replacement dilemma
It's too bad there aren't third party driver developers...seems something that would come out of complete exasperation from lack of support.

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You may have found this out by now, but the port that is on the DraftPro is a serial port. It also takes a specal cable from HP. However, I have the pinout if you need it. But I have been trying to a few years to get drivers for XP. The only luck I have had is Winline.com. But those are $200. I only paid $25 for the plotter. So for now, I just use an old laptop with win98.

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