I have been trying to log onto MSN and I can get connected to the internet. Upon sign in MSN says that it could not detect an internet connection and I cannot sign in. I have run the regsvr32 softpub.dll and I have uninstalled MSN and its components. I reset my .net passport, made sure my modem works properly and made sure my clock was correct. Every time MSN tries to sign in after authenticating it says " signing in (attempt two)". There is no error message number. This happened two days ago. I logged on fine in the morning and then this happened in the afternoon. I can log into MSN through IE, but I want to use the MSN browser. I have XP Pro and MSN 9. Any new ideas would be appreciated.


Have you tried to upgrade MSN and see if that one works or for that matter down grade to see if it will work.

I tried that, it didn't change anything. Thank you for the suggestion.

I had already done all of that on the list. Thank you for the link. Still no change.