I have a Dell that is all ways running at 100precent cpu.Can anyone tell me What are the Microsoft programs that must run at start up?When I start up and look in Task Manager it tells me that there are 44 Processes.Is this a lot?I tried to turn off all but the Microsoft Apps.and it still is slow.I have checked for viruses and none was found.If any one has any ideas please let me know.Thank You

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I have had similiar problems in the past with some software. Various manufacturers provide drivers for printers (eg HP, Dell etc) The same is true for some other peripheral devices. These drivers (any particularly early ones) forgot to let go of the processor when they had finished their slot. hence the processor went round in circles for a while waiting ....
Try removing (or even uninstalling peripheral devices like printers cameras etc and see if that helps. It certainly seems as though a ,process is hogging the CPU but have a look in the list of processes running in the task manager (as you have done) and look at those that have a high CPU usage. You can then turn them off so that they do not start unless manually started but as you are aware do not turn off the critic windows ones (but be aware that some critical windows processes are started by a different thread (eg USB devices!)



Can you check the 'Processes' tab from Task Manager and see which of the running apps are using most CPU resources?


I have found an old program for copying floppy disks.I uninstalled it and that brought the cpu usage down.The computer is still a little slow but I am looking into that.
Thanks to all who helped me.

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