I have a PC with Windows 2000 Pro, which I use as a printer server with a HP Photosmart 8050 deskjet. It has always worked well, but recently have lost connectivity to the printer, and when I try to reinstall the drivers it fails with the following error, 'Error: Attempt To Release Mutex When Printing'. Has anyone encountered this problem and successfully resolved it ??.
Thank you.

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I assume :
all connections are ok and tested
printer has passed a startup test on its own (ie test print a page)
I assume you are using a hard wire connection (not wireless) if using wireless you may be losing signal or worse connectivity problems due to identification queries.
I do know that a lot of HP software is a bit invasive and later drivers (ie updates that you may have downloaded) are not always backwardly compatible with older versions of windows; The failure to re_install the driver may well be a sign of this. If you really do not want to update the OS then I suggest try installing a driver for a simpler HP inkjet printer, it may work but you will loose some of the facilities of the printer.

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