Guys im confused ,

This is not the first time im upgrading win xp to win xp SP2!!! but this time when i installed xp professional i had given an administrator password and everytime i logged in it showed username as "ADMINISTRATOR" and yesterday i upgraded to xp sp2 and i named user1 as "somename" . i lost all files in "admistrators documnets" i.e "my documents" which was der when only xp professional was installed !! and today my computer did't even ask me to enter a password while logging in !!!

does upgrading from xp professional to sp2 remove passwords ?
and those files that were der in "admin documents " are they gone ?

Im tensed ! what if someone is remotely using my compe!

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open mycomputer ,open Documents and settings ,go to users and open the one for administrator, unless you formatted the harddrive the files should be there


Thanks caper ,

but what about password !!!
once i go to safe mode i get 2 login options one is "admin" -- the account that got created whilst installing xp pro , and "somename" the account i created while upgrading to sp2 !!


go to control panel /users ,and click on change the way users logon and off ,it should give you option to use a password

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