Hello. I have a problem in my domain that I have been researching for months and have not been able to find an answer, so I thought that I should ask. The issue is that with certain users on certain XP machines, it hangs for about 7-10 minutes after the user logs on to the domain. Certain computers do this, and I am not sure why. I believe that it is a issue with the computer itself and not the domain, active directory, or group policy.

Here is some more detailed info on what happens and when it happens:
-Computer displays desktop background and cursor (no taskbar or icons) after logon. The computer hangs with almost no activity at all on the hard drive or network.
-Computer logs on normal, but only for certain users.
-Domain admins log on normally.
-Local (non-domain) users log on normally.
-Used packet sniffer to monitor communication with DC during logon and ARP requests for the computer loging on and the DC seem to not be fulfilled.
-Everything is normal after logon.
-Hangs for very close to the same time every time.
-Only XP computers.
-All XP computers have SP3.
-Some Windows 7 computer have logged onto temporary profiles, but I fixed that.
-Started happening at the same time on all computers that are effected.
-Local profiles. No roaming profiles.
-Using WSUS.
-Using DHCP.
-This happened once before and it seemed to have fixed itself for a few weeks, but it came back.
-Unplugging the network cable right before attempting to logon does not make the computer hang during logon. (I do not want this as a permanent fix though.)

Here is a list of fixes that I have tried and had no success with:
-Microsoft firewall has always been disabled.
-Have made users that have the logon hang local administrators, but it didn't change anything.
-Uninstall NOD32 antivirus.
-Un-join the computer from the domain and re-join it.
-Delete and remake the user account in active directory.
-Static IP addresses.
-System Restore worked fine, but didn't solve the problem.
-Reformat and reinstall XP

Any ideas are very much appreciated. I am out of them and I can not find anything quite like this on any forums. A lot of things are close but nothing exactly. Thanks.

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Sorry, but I think that I just found a solution. I just tried removing the user that was having that trouble from all groups except for domain users. I edited the group policy of one of the groups and finally got the logons to work normally. I changed the "Run logon scripts synchronously" to "Not Configured" instead of "Enabled".

Our Group Policy is a little sketchy and the issues started happening a few weeks after I changed that setting.

I thought that I should post the solution for future reference. I'm just glad that I found a solution and can't believe that I didn't try that earlier. Thanks.

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