Hey guys,

I am in the proccess of setting up my server. It is running Windows Server 2003 R, with IIS 6.0 (I think). Now the issue came when installing PHP.

First off I got a IIS timeout error whilst running a PHP script containing no php :@. I managed to solve this by adding %s %S after my executable path in the Script Map.

Second time (now) I am getting this:

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

I have read through pages and pages, forums and forums, but to no prevail. It seems like most don't actually know and those who don't, don't tell. I have found some usefull information but it was pointless because allot of it didn't work on my System.

I need to get it off to the colocation provider later next week. Can someone help me with this a little please? I'd rather configure most at home so it saves me having to do it all via VNC.

Any suggestions would b great!

Josh ;)

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What is the script giving you the error

take a look at this web site for a howto on installing PHP on IIS6. I'm running PHP5 on Win2K8/IIS7 and had a few quirks at first, but enabling the FastCGI seemed to be a key point. Now have it running on Win2K3/IIS6 at a client with no issues.

Aside from the FastCGI, I installed to C:\PHP (something I never normally do) instead of C:\Program Files\PHP. Being born from *nix, I believe that it has difficulties when dealing with folders with spaces. Using C:\PHP eliminated that potential problem. I also made sure that all configurations pointed to C:\PHP and not the config files placed in C:\Windows.


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