Recently sought support from the Microsoft Outlook forum. Was referred by a microsoft valued professional MVP to navigate to:

This file allows one to pose five questions as opposed to the single question in the default Outlook. Launching the file only launches a new email to compose. My follow up question at the Microsoft site has gone unanswered. There is also some free coding to compile the responses.

Would be a great thing if it worked. My office uses Outlook 2003 and the latest version of Exchange server. Hoping to find someone with a similar interest and some coding skills to look at this. Much thanks for your attention as I await a reply.



Have you considered using another method for your survey, such as

Outlook's methods are fairly limited unless you wanted to delve into options such as actually building forms, and using VBA to program behind them. But, that's a bit out of scope for this form-- perhaps someone in the VBA forum might be able to provide some pointers on that.