I just bought a new motherboard and processor, an intel P4 2.4 (500 FSB) and ECS LV4XA2. Problem is after I installed all my hardware and software, my computer starts freezing up. It'll start booting up and after the windows XP intro. goes away, it freezes. I've tried almost everything, updating my drivers on all my components, even the updated BIOS for my motherboard. I've replaced the RAM, hard drive, new video card. I just can't figure out what the hell's going on. I've formated my hard drive, reinstalled everything, can't figure out anything else.

Here's what I have:

Intel P4 2.4 ghz (500 FSB)
ECS motherboard LV4XA2
Western digital HD 80 GB
ATI 9000 Radeon video card
Creative sound blaster PCI 512
Windows XP Pro

Try installing the non critical hardware parts one at a time(Process of elimination) .Post back with some feed back!

it is likely to be a driver problem. any incompatible drivers you installed?

just before the windows xp logo comes in starting, press F8 key, and try last known good configuration/safe mode/step-by-step
and u will know what is causing the problem.

Alright, I did do a process of elimination. I started up the computer with just the HD and video card, basically bare, and somehow it still froze. I've ran many checks on my hard drive and everything seems alright. The video card is compatible with my motherboard, so I can't think of anything else, except maybe the motherboard has a problem with it.

I also did the last conifiguration thing and it didn't work. Thanks to the both for helping, any other ideas?

Are you sure your drivers are correct?

No sure about this ,i know the raid option of the mother board is optional ,but if you didn't you may have to install raid driver when installing winxp ,when winxp istall is first starting along the bottom of hte screen it says something like hit f6 to install raid drivers !!,just a thought .

if you can try a different video card. Even borrow one from a mate.
I should add here
3d cards are like beautiful women.
they are expensive, they can cause problems, you can't really borrow your mates...but hell... they are worth it.

I just bought a new motherboard and processor, an intel P4 2.4 (500 FSB) and ECS LV4XA2. Problem is after I installed all my hardware and software, my computer starts freezing up.

Try downloading and running Knoppix (see my sig). It's a CD-bootable Linux distribution that's handy in cases like these. It will help separate out hardware problems from software troubles.

You may want to use the following at the boot prompt: Knoppix dma. You can also add noapic, as well.

By the way, that's a crappy sound card for such an otherwise decent system. Spend another $30-40 for a SoundBlaster Live! Not only is the sound quality better, but the processor overhead is reduced; the Emu chip is better than the Ensoniq chip for multiple sound streams (sound effects while playing MP3s, for example).

Alright, I think that it's my sound card that's messing up everything. Everything seems to run fine without the sound card, so I'm going to get a better sound card and see what happens. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

Process of elimination .............whos theory was that anyway?

Sorry for the late post.

For anyone else who may have this problem:

This may be faulty memory. Try running a memory test program, or trying new memory to see if that is the issue.

If your memory is fine, or if new memory works fine, then run a full scandisk (fdisk) on the hard drive to see if there are bad sectors.

Try another video card, if you have a cheap old reliable one laying around, to see if video is the issue.

If all three are fine, reinstall the OS (it is Windows after all, so with the way Windows is set up sometimes it is easier just to do a reinstall).

If you go through all the above steps and the issue is still prevelant, try a new motherboard or power supply. But do those lastly, as most likely the problem (and cheapest to resolve) is the memory.

Make sure you have the appropriate power supply and that you did not use an old one from a previous computer. ECS makes good mobo's, but they are not made to run on substandard power supplies.