some body help me my computer system is window 7 pro now days creating problem like it automatic shutdown after few second after shut down my keyboard num lock button stay onand motherboed light is also stay on and display totaly blank. and if i want to work more on my pc then neet to restat to the computer..

There are a number of things this could be, are the fans working?

Maybe there's something wrong with heat but it would shutdown immediately when the computer is overheat.

I guess there's something wrong with your Windows, did you change any setting on your Windows recently or install new programs that was on startup?

Try to boot in safe mode and observe. If your computer still shutting down by itself then tell us here.

Hi payasi,

YES, it may be the hardware or some parts of your computer that forced you pc to reboot...

To prevent large damage mostly to your file system windows reboot your pc and try to reload all the system files needed by windows to run properly.

Some hardwares that forced the PC to reboot when having trouble are as follows:

1. Memory - If one or more of your memory installed into your computer is not function or mul-functioning the computer will reboot and tried to refresh and check the memory.
2. Hardisk - This usually occured if you are using old hard drive or hard drive with damaged. if the windows detected damaged from your harddrive it will also reboot the computer to prevent corruptions of system files. this will also scan your hard drive once the computer restarted.
3. PRocessors - Usually AMD as this problem, amd need to maintain certain heat in order to run faster and better. if the heat exceeded, it will reboot your pc alos. Usually AMD DURON and Althon has the problem before, I don't don't if they considered this as part security or a bugs.

Motherboarth and process sometimes also the reason why your computer is restarted.

As I said this is still part of security measures to prevent more damaged in your PC.

Thanks for reading carefully See if this helps