I have windows 8 consumer preview iso wid me. My cd drive is not working and i dont have a usb with more han 2gb storage so i decided to install
windows 8 by mounting a virtual drive using power iso!!!!

I am already at present dual booting win7 and win xp. i want to replace my xp with my windows 8.The major issue of concerns are as follows:

1)when i open xp the xp is located in drive C and windows 7 in drive D
2)when i open win7 the reverse happens,win 7 in drive c and winxp in drive d.

3)Major issue: as i have to mount a virtual drive i have to open xp or win 7 and then intall win 8 from the virtual drive.
THe major concern here is that windows 8 when installed from a windows gui will only be installed in C drive.
So when i open xp and start installing it asks me to clear 16 gb of space in c drive(drive containing xp )........although i have that space but still i wanna shunt xp out of my laptop.
). If i do installation from windows 7 it will ask me to install in drive c(now this is drive which now contains win 7........but i have only 12 gb left in c........after much cleaning i can take it to max of 14 ...not any more)

So concluding....please help me to install windows 8 and delete windows xp also.

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If you want to run Win 8 with the least impact on your existing machine, I would install Win 8 as a virtual machine. You can install VirtualBox on your computer then run Win 8 as a vm.

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